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Get Top Value For Your Vehicle When You Trade with Wade

At Ridgeland Mitsubishi, we're here to make sure that your dealership experience exceeds your expectations as we do all we can to get you behind the wheel of the car you want. One way you can add value and save on your next purchase is trading in your vehicle if you are looking to upgrade. When you Trade with Wade, we make sure you're getting the chance to save even more as we'll give you a standout quote and estimate on your trade in here in the Jackson, MS area.

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What you need!

  • Your Photo I.D.
  • Current Pay Stub
  • Proof of Where You Live

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How Trade with Wade Works

The process is simple. To start, we'll need you to submit some basic contact information so we can reach you. After that you'll need to submit details on your current vehicle so we can get the best estimate and value for you. This includes providing the vehicle make, model year, mileage, VIN, color, trim level, and other features that would add value to your trade in. Once that information is given, we'll run it through our expansive pricing database to provide you with an estimated trade-in value. When you get the quote you can give yourself a better idea of what your trade in will be worth, and when you're ready to come through and upgrade to a quality new Mitsubishi or one of our many standout used cars in the Madison, Pearl and Brandon, MS areas we'll do a final look and make sure all the information is correct and apply that value toward your purchase.

Why Trade with Wade? 

Trading in helps you save money when you buy or lease a new vehicle or purchase a used car. You're able to take whatever value you have remaining and get potentially thousands in savings for your financing. That could mean multiple car payments that get taken care of, and when combined with any down payment or special financing offers, you'll find a lot of savings. Adding that all up can result in getting more options for loan approval and a lower monthly payment rate on your vehicle. It allows you to explore more options here in our robust selection of vehicles.

We Make Sure You Can Get the Vehicle You Want with Your Trade In

Not only does your trade in help you get value for your vehicle, but we also make sure that we can get you the approval for a car loan you need, as we provide financing for drivers in the area of all different credit backgrounds. It's our goal to help all types of people find the right car for them, as we help get you approved for an auto loan.

You can get started on the trade in process online in a few simple steps, and when you're ready you can contact us or we'll be in touch soon and start helping you find the right new vehicle at Ridgeland Mitsubishi today!