Oil change services don't have to be so stressful. Schedule your regular oil change service at our dealership in Ridgeland and you will never have to worry about consistently changing your oil because we'll do it for you.

Whether you drive a Mitsubishi SUV like the Outlander or a compact sedan like the Mirage; staying on top of your oil changes will result in a vehicle that lasts longer and runs better. There's nothing like making things easier for yourself, so bring your Mitsubishi to us and let us take care of all the services you need.

Why Let Us Change Your Oil?

So why should you bring your vehicle to our dealership in the Ridgeland area for an oil change service when you could change the oil yourself? The answer is obvious; you can keep your hands clean and stay in the safety zone while we handle the service without problems.

At Ridgeland Mitsubishi, we always use the oil and filter that are recommended by the manufacturer so that you don't have anything to worry about the integrity of your vehicle. You will also have the confidence to drive home with the documentation of your service, so when you go to resell your Mitsubishi, the buyer will know exactly where the vehicle has been and who has performed the services.

The Importance of Basic Maintenance of Your Mitsubishi

Performing basic vehicle maintenance is always a good idea. When you bring your Mitsubishi to us in Ridgeland we will perform an oil change and give you your vehicle a full inspection to make sure that all parts of your car are in the condition that they should be.

The engine is the main part of your vehicle; it's what gives you the power to accelerate up those big hills and keeps you gliding down the highway with that smooth feeling. When your oil is changed frequently you are preventing sludge buildup inside your engine that will eventually cause engine failure if not taken care of periodically.

Oil forms the seal between your pistons and the cylinder walls and lubricates the camshaft to create for impeccable timing. You will also be achieving the most optimum fuel efficiency with a fresh oil change at the correct intervals.

How Often to Change the Oil

You should change the oil on your Mitsubishi about every 5,000 miles to make sure that it is in top running condition. Ask our service advisors when the right time is to have other routine services like a transmission or differential service as each Mitsubishi vehicle is different.

How Long Will Your Oil Change Service Take?

It takes about 15 minutes to perform an oil change, but leave yourself an hour from the time you bring your vehicle to our dealership in Ridgeland so that we have time to look over your vehicle completely. Remember that if you call ahead of time for an appointment, we will be able to get you in and out of our dealership faster.

Bring Your Mistubishi to Ridgeland Mitsubishi for All Your Service Needs

Whether you need an oil change service, recommendations on other regular services or a repair needed on your Mitsubishi we are always here in Ridgeland to get the job done the right way. Call and talk to one of our experienced service advisors and make an appointment before bringing your Mitsubishi to us for the best service possible. We take the stress out of servicing your Mitsubishi so you can focus less on maintaining and more on driving safely. We'll see you at our dealership for your next Mitsubishi service.

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